OTTOCOLL P 85 - Teaserbild


The high-strength premium PU adhesive

1-component adhesive based on polyurethane
For indoor and outdoor application
  • Extremely strong bondings
  • Very high final strength
  • Very fast curing
Technical datasheet

Product details

The premium PU adhesive OTTOCOLL® P 85 is perfect for extremely strong bonds of metals, wood, plastics, natural stones or insulation boards indoors and outdoors. The adhesive offers very fast curing as well as a high final strength. Thanks to its foaming and gap-bridging properties, slight unevenness can also be compensated for with the PU adhesive.

Fields of application

  • Bonding of stone, natural stone and ceramic
  • Bonding of insulating units, e. g. made of polystyrene, PVC, PU etc.
  • Bonding of window sills, floor strips, decorative strips and stairs
  • Bonding and mounting different materials, such as wood, wooden materials, plastics, metals and mineral substrates


  • Extremely high final strength - Resistant to high mechanical stresses
  • Fast curing - Short pressing and fixing times
  • Compatible with natural stone - Does not cause greasy deposits on natural stones
  • Grindable and paintable after curing
  • Foaming / gap bridging - Compensates minor unevenness

Standards and tests

  • Tested fire behaviour in accordance with EN 13501: class E
  • Conform to LEED® v3 IEQ-credits 4.1 adhesives and sealants
  • French VOC-emission class A+
  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 30+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)

Colours & form of delivery

310 ml cartridge580 ml aluminium foil bag
P85-04-C16 P85-08-C16
P85-04-C95 on request
Pieces per packaging unit 2020
Pieces per pallet 1200600

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