OTTOSEAL A 250_Dachdecker- und Spengler-Acryl_310 ml -Kartusche_Teaserbild


The roofers’ and tinsmiths’ acrylic

1-component acrylic copolymer plastic sealant
For indoor and outdoor application
  • Immediately rainproof
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Also adheres to moist substrates
  • Weather and UV resistant
Technical datasheet

Product details

The roofers’ and tinsmiths’ acrylic OTTOSEAL® A 250 is ideal for sealing any joints and seams in the roof area as well as the edge sealing on chimneys. The sealant is immediately rainproof, compatible with bitumen and also adheres to moist substrates. In addition, it forms a barrier between building materials containing bitumen and adjacent sealants (e.g. of silicone).

Fields of application

  • Sealing of joints and seams in roof areas (e.g. on chimneys, metal profiles and parapet covers)
  • Sealing of bitumen coats on masonry, concrete, etc.
  • Barrier of building materials containing bitumen for the subsequent silicone sealant
  • Sealing of corrugated roofing tiles made from fibre cement, metal, PVC, polyester and bitumen


  • Immediately rainproof - Processable even in rain
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Also bonding to damp surfaces
  • Good UV-resistance - Long durability in exposed areas
  • Very good adhesion on many materials - Can be used on many materials without pretreatment
  • Can be painted and varnished – please observe application instruction in Technical Data Sheet
  • Compatible with coatings according to DIN 52452 - No interaction with existing and adjacent coatings

Standards and tests

  • Meets the requirements for fire behavior according to EN 13501: Class E
  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 12+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)

Colours & form of delivery

310 ml cartridge
crystal clear
Pieces per packaging unit 20
Pieces per pallet 1200

Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products.

Products, packaging Units and/or colours bearing order codes are available ex warehouse in standard commercial quantities.

Consumption calculator

Please note: This values are approximate and serve as a rough guide for rightangled joints. The depth of the joints is measured to the rear of the profile. Depending on the processing method, additional expenditure of up to 25% is possible.

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