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The premium 2-component silicone for bonded windows

2-component silicone adhesive and sealant on alkoxy basis condensation curing
For indoor and outdoor application
  • Safe application
  • Fast curing
  • High strength
  • Insulating and laminated safety glass
Technical datasheet

Product details

Fields of application

  • Bonding and sealing of windows - direct glazing - bonding of insulated glass units in the window casements (PVC, wood, aluminium) - please note compatibility list.
  • Suitable for the production of windows reaching standard RC 2 or RC 3 according to DIN V ENV 1627


  • Compatible with many insulating glass edge compound materials (see compatibility list on website) - Suitable for processing insulating glass panes
  • Compatible with PVB sheets according to the criteria of ift guideline DI-02/1 - Suitable for processing VSG
  • Very good adhesion on many substrates even without primer (see the primer table)
  • Low odour - No odour nuisance
  • Fast curing even in thick layers - Fast further processing
  • Reliable curing in a defined period of time - Predictable handling and functional strength
  • High elongation stress value - High stability of the adhesion
  • High resistance to notches and tearing - Resistant to high mechanical stresses
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance

Standards and tests

  • Quality assured adhesive for glazing according to RAL GZ 716 Part 2
  • Tested acording to ift-guideline VE-08/4, part 1
  • Tested in different systems for the bonding of burglar-resistant glazing, according to resistance class RC2 or RC3
  • Qualified commentary by the eph Dresden, Germany on the execution of glas- connecting systems in burglary prooved wooden windows of the resistance class RC 2, rebate bonding in combination with bonding of the glass stemming profile
  • Meets the requirements for fire behavior according to EN 13501: Class E
  • SKH certificate no.: SKH-041

Data sheets & tests

Technical datasheetDownload
Safety data sheetRequest
DownloadCompatibility list
DownloadProcessing instructions
DownloadQuality controls accompanying processing

Colours & form of delivery

Container Colour Packaging unit (PU) Pieces per pallet Order code
280 ml coaxial cartridge Black C04 12/Box incl. 6 static mixing nozzles MGQ 10-16D 1248 S81-2030-107-C04
490 ml side-by-side ACF plastic cartridge Grey C2252 9/Box incl. 9 static mixing nozzles ACF 12-24X 540 S81‑2080‑43‑C2252
490 ml side-by-side ACF plastic cartridge Black C04 9/Box incl. 9 static mixing nozzles ACF 12-24X 540 S81-2030-43-C04
490 ml BlueLine plastic cartridge Grey C2252 8/Box incl. 8 static mixing nozzles MBLTX 14-16G 480 S81-2080-111-C2252
490 ml BlueLine plastic cartridge Black C04 8/Box incl. 8 static mixing nozzles MBLTX 14-16G 480 S81-2030-111-C04
200 l drum (component A) Grey C2252 1 2 S81‑24‑C01
200 l drum (component A) Black C04 1 2 S81‑24‑C01
20 l plastic pail (component B) Grey C2252 1 16 S‑CA2080‑10‑C2252
20 l plastic pail (component B) Black C04 1 16 S‑CA2030‑10‑C04

Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products.

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